Dr. Jenny Small 


Dr. Small trained as a physician in the United Kingdom, where she worked as a General Practitioner until her third son was born. When moving with her husband and three boys to Ottawa in 2010, they were led to St Timothy’s where her older two boys spent two rich and fulfilling years. She was captivated by her first taste of classical Christian education, and was inspired by the godly community they found there. After time on the board and teaching science to the Grade 5-6s, her family moved for four years up to Northern Ontario. Here she spent some time homeschooling her younger two boys, and became more familiar with classical pedagogy. On returning to Ottawa in 2016, with her youngest son at St. Timothy’s, she became involved in many aspects of school life. She attends the Metropolitan Bible Church and is passionate about glorifying and enjoying God. Her prayer is that those around her might be inspired to do the same.

Alison Nanda


Alison was born in England and grew up in a Christian household with a clergyman father. She has a B.Ed. from the University of Ottawa and a B.A. (History/English Literature) from the University of Western Ontario. She taught in an International school in Panama and for several years in Vancouver in inner-city as well as suburban schools. She has also spent time working with special needs children in a local nursery school. Alison and her husband Kris and their two children attend the Metropolitan Bible Church. She is excited to be teaching in a school where she can share her Christian faith.

Emily Martin


Emily has a wealth of experience in teaching to various age groups. She received an M.A. in English from the University of Ottawa in 2004. Since then she has taught writing at the University of Ottawa, has led book discussion groups and intensive reading courses with homeschooling students, and has been teaching the Literature in Western Culture course at Augustine College for several years. Emily is passionate about introducing great works of children's literature to young minds, as well as encouraging her students as they learn to enjoy reading across different subjects. She also has an interest in developing excellent writing skills which will serve the children well throughout their lives. She takes delight in steering her students towards the good, the true, and the beautiful, and helping to form their minds so that they naturally seek this out. Emily is currently attending Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church.

Rachel Bloomquist


Rachel was born in India to missionary parents who were wonderful models of Christian discipleship and love. Her education, while focused on the history of ideas and literature that have shaped Western civilization, also developed in her a love of science, languages, art, and music. After completing her BA, Rachel lived and worked in Spain for five years with her husband, Greg. Upon their return to Canada Rachel worked as an assistant in a Christian Montessori school for six years. Following that, she worked as an occasional teacher in the Ottawa District and Ottawa Catholic School Boards. She has also completed teacher training in Christian Classical methods at Logos Academy (Idaho). Rachel seeks to impart a joyful and sure faith in Jesus Christ to the children in her classroom and to encourage them to see God the Father's handiwork in this creation and in the unfolding of history. Rachel and Greg attend St. Maurice Roman Catholic Church.

Julie McPherson


Julie McPherson has been an active member of the St. Timothy's community since 2008. She was the school Director from 2014 - 2017, and has also served on the Board of Directors and the Parent Committee. She holds a BScN from the University of Ottawa and has completed the Logos Summer Teacher Training, Administrative Track (2014), at Logos School in Idaho, a pioneer school in the new wave of classical, Christian schools in North America. She and her husband have four children, all whom attend, or have attended St. Timothy's. Julie and her family attend the Metropolitan Bible Church. Julie is passionate about the unique education that is being offered at St. Timothy's, as well as its dynamic and caring community. 

Ana Teoh


Ana Teoh is a graduate of St. Timothy's. In high school she completed the International Baccaleaureate program at Colonel By Secondary School in Ottawa. Afterwards, she spent a year at Augustine College, graduating Magma Cum Laude. Both St. Timothy's and Augustine College were foundational to the growth of her faith and her character, having taught her how to think critically to seek after truth, goodness, and beauty. She is excited to return once again to St. Timothy's, this time in a teaching role.

Dr. Jennifer Patrick


From an early age Jen knew she wanted to be a marine biologist, veterinarian or a high school science teacher. She has a BSc from the University of Guelph and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ontario Veterinary College. She practiced small animal medicine and emergency medicine for 8 years in Vancouver, BC before moving to Ottawa with her husband and children, all five of whom have attended or currently attend St. Timothy’s. She has a passion for classical education and filling young minds and hearts with a wonder of God’s creation and the beauty that surrounds us. Her family attends Calvin Christian Reformed Church.

Crystal Swim


Crystal and her husband Nathan were so excited to learn about classical education and knew that this was what they would want for their children before they were even of school age, but presumed  that this was only something that existed in the US.  Several years later they were happy to find out about St. Timothy’s and be able to transition their two children to the school. Crystal has been passionate about art since grade 3 when she had an excellent teacher introduce her to the work of great artists and help her to begin to learn some fundamental art skills. She completed the visual arts program at Canterbury High School and has been pursuing her passion for art ever since specializing in painting and mosaics. She received a BA Linguistics from the University of Ottawa, and loves reading and learning in many areas of history and archaeology. Passionate about helping children find their artistic potential she feels  blessed to be teaching in a school where students can learn not only excellence in the arts but the historical framework as well, and from a Christian perspective. She and her family attend Sequoia Church.

Dr. Michael Klaassen


Michael has Masters degrees from the University of Toronto and the University of Pennsylvania, where he also received a PhD in Classics. Michael and his family moved back to Canada in 2006 after spending one year in Rome. He taught Latin and classics to all grades, with a focus on grades seven and eight, at the Episcopal Academy in Pennsylvania from 1995-2005, where he also served as Chair of Department of Classical Languages from 2000-2005 and was a curriculum advisor to many different grades. Fluent in Latin and Greek, he has presented numerous papers to the Classical Association of Canada meetings. He attends the Village International Mennonite Church in Vanier.

Oana-Maria Rusu


Oana-Maria obtained a B.A. Hons. in Philology (English and French Languages and Literature) in her native Romania. She later earned graduate certificates in both Human Resources Management and in TESL/TEFL (the teaching of English as a foreign/second language) in Canada. Her studies gave her a strong foundation in the methodology of instruction of foreign languages, pedagogical grammar, language acquisition, assessment and evaluation. Before taking responsibility for the French programme at St. Timothy’s, Oana-Maria gained experience in the educational field by teaching children in after-school programmes, tutoring middle- and high-school students, serving as a teaching assistant, and teaching business English and French to employees of an international company. She has also worked as a translator/interpreter and in administration. Oana-Maria, her husband, and her two children (who attend St. Timothy’s) are active members of Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church. She is keen to cultivate in her children and students not only a love of learning, but also a love of Christ.

Leora Nauta


Leora is delighted to be the Music Director at St. Timothy’s Classical Academy. As a conductor, organist and harpsichordist, she has a vast background in classical music. She has performed in venues across Europe and North America and has lectured at various universities. She holds a Master of Music from McGill University, a Master of Sacred Music from The University of Notre Dame, and studied historical music performance at Amsterdam Conservatory and choral conducting at New England Conservatory  of Music. She loves to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds with her dynamic and energetic musical storytelling, and feels especially blessed to be working in a Christian environment at St. Timothy's, helping children to hear God’s voice through the beauty of sound.

Alan Gilman


Alan believes that the Bible is God's epic story—his holy, inspired and authoritative revelation of his plan to rescue a broken world. He delights in showing how God's plan of salvation begins with Abraham and his descendants, is fulfilled in the Messiah Jesus, and is expressed through Jesus' followers today. The only way to fully experience God's blessings is to understand the essential Jewishness of the Gospel. He is very happy to be teaching bible to the grades 5-8 students at St. Timothy's. Mr. Gilman has been married for almost 40 years and he and his wife Robin have 10 children. Mr. Gilman has been active in Bible teaching, devotional writing and worship leading. Alan is currently the Interim Pastor of All Saints Lutheran Church.

Christine Edmonds


Christine has a B.Sc. (Occupational Therapy) from Queen's University, specializing in pediatric rehabilitation. She comes to St. Timothy's with a wealth of practical experience in classical education. She was introduced to a classical education model years ago when researching education practices to homeschool her own children and has continued to research classical booklists and review classical curricula. Her two younger children are graduates of St. Timothy's and she spent five years as a part-time teacher in the SK and grades 1-2 classes. Christine has a deep regard for nature, botany in particular, and a desire to cultivate a sense of wonder in children and to develop their observation skills. She believes in the importance of exposing young children to good literature and beautiful language and is passionate about teaching excellent writing skills.

Janine Lingrell


Janine was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta and holds a BMgt (Management Information Systems) from the University of Lethbridge. She previously worked in the high-tech sector until the birth of her eldest child. Motivated by the classical model of Christian education offered at St. Timothy's, she has been actively involved with the school since 2011, volunteering in various roles. She and her husband have two children, both who attend St. Timothy's. Janine and her family attend Calvin Christian Reformed Church, where she currently serves as the Worship Coordinator.


Victoria Miles - CHAIR

Victoria was born and raised in the Toronto area. She graduated from The University of Western Ontario with two honours degrees in History (Warfare) and Political Philosophy, and went on to a career that has intersected faith, commerce, culture and community. For more than 25 years, she has helped organizations shape and deliver their vision, mission and values. In Toronto, she held a leadership role in a global brand company, and then went on to become an entrepreneur in a leading-edge corporate consultancy. She moved to Ottawa in 2006 with her husband Stuart, to raise their 5 children and shift focus to volunteering and working for two large national non-profits. Since 2016, Victoria has been a Strategic Partner at Vision Wheel, a boutique firm founded to help organizations engage their employees, donors, volunteers and members. She provides counsel to corporate, non-profit and ministry clients, and loves a good whiteboard! Victoria and her family attend The Met Bible Church, where she serves in both women's and children's ministry, and have three kids enrolled at St. Timothy's Classical Academy.


Chad Lingrell was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta and attended a private Christian school from K-Gr.12.  He received a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Lethbridge and is currently a software designer at Apple.  Chad and his wife, Janine, have two children, both who attend St. Timothy's, and are members of Calvin Christian Reformed Church.

Nancy Ross - SECRETARY

Nancy has a BSc from Guelph and a BEd from Ottawa U. Her husband's job took them from Ottawa to Atlanta then England before returning to Ottawa. Her involvement in St. Timothy's began with a grade 4 reading group, and has included PE and a year teaching the Grade 3/4 class in the afternoons. In her spare time, Nancy organizes the Recovery Area for Ottawa Race Weekend and Army Run, and is an Occasional teacher in the OCDSB. Her children are pursuing post-secondary education. She and her husband attend St Peter and St Paul's Anglican Church.


Aaron is a researcher for Cardus. His essays on philosophy and culture have appeared on publications like Quillette and Convivium. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University’s Sprott School ofBusiness where he studied Management and Economics. He has also studied liberal arts at Ottawa’s Augustine College. Aaron enjoys debate, reading philosophy, and spending time with family. Aaron has been a classroomvolunteer at St. Timothy’s for the past 18 months.

Vince Giroux


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