“It is wonderful to see children of all ages playing together in the school yard.  Active, outdoor play is an important part of the school day.”parent

Physical Education and Free Play

Encouraging Active Physical Play at St. Timothy's

Our students enjoy scheduled physical education classes throughout the week where they play active games, learn new skills in different sports, and develop good sportsmanship in competitive games. In warm weather there are frequent trips to local parks and in the winter time our older students will occasionally go to a local rink for an afternoon of skating.  In addition, our Friday Afternoon program is a concentrated time of sports and physical activity.

Many of our students enjoy participating in an after-school running club, organized by parents. This, in addition to other forms of exercise, helps them as they prepare for the annual cross-country meet and track and field meet they participate in every year.

Our students are also encouraged (and self-motivated) to be very active during their free time at school, and there is a lot pick-up hockey, tossing around of footballs and skipping to be seen in the school yard and in the gym during snack time and lunch hour, and before and after school. We believe that this unstructured, physically active free play is essential to the healthy development of our students, and it is only restricted when there is a clear possibility of serious or repeated injury.