Christian Education

“A true education, a Christian education…is giving the tools in…opening the doors to all human knowledge, in the Christian framework so (students) will know what is truth and what is untruth, so they can keep learning as long as they live, and they can enjoy, they can really enjoy, the whole wrestling through field after field of knowledge.”Francis Schaeffer

What is Christian Education?

Christians have been given the gift of faith in a loving God whose purposes we can contemplate and study in order to know Him better. Christians have also been given community in which to share their discoveries and to declare their praise as they discern and contemplate the great mysteries of God and His creation. Through the ages, their work has produced a brilliant cultural legacy which should be cherished in homes and in schools as a source of delight and inspiration.

Christian parents have a God-given responsibility to see that their children’s faith is fostered at all times (Deut. 11:18-23). A Christian school community collaborates with parents and families in training children to love the Lord with all their hearts, minds, and souls. It strives to integrate our faith into every course and to have faith govern our relationships.

With regard to doctrine, the St. Timothy’s community adheres to the essential beliefs articulated in the Nicene Creed.  We welcome families from all Christian backgrounds who subscribe to this confession of faith and who strive to bring up their children in the fear of the Lord and focus our teaching on the core of commonly held beliefs and prayers that unite Christian believers.  All parents and staff accept our “Faith and Basis of St. Timothy’s Classical Academy".

The common prayer life of the school revolves around confession of the Nicene Creed; prayers, hymns and psalms, both said and sung; and a Bible class whose focus is on learning the stories, characters, and major themes of the Holy Scriptures, including memorization of important texts.