Christian and Classical

“We like the respectful and dignified atmosphere towards faith that the staff and students work in.  We like the absence of the world’s pop cultural influence on Christian worship and behaviour.”parent

The Importance of a Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian education is inherently transformational. That is, by being immersed in the truths of the gospel and the great ideas of Western culture, students are changed. Our teaching is aimed towards joy, wisdom and virtue as a student’s true vocation, fulfilling a student’s highest calling. We seek, with the Apostle Paul, to be “transformed by the renewal” of our minds and hearts (Rom. 12:1-2). We hope and believe that this will result in the best citizens who will in turn transform their communities, working creatively in all spheres of life.

Classical Christian education instills the love of learning. By employing developmentally appropriate instructional methods, a challenging and dynamic curriculum, and above all, extraordinary teachers, students simply love to learn. Their God-given desire to know is captured and cultivated by an exciting and joy-filled learning environment.