"We love the focus on Christ as the commonality we all have as Christians." parent

We believe that as Christians we are called to be offering our help to those in need in our community.  We are always searching for creative ways in which our students can reach out and learn at the same time.


Every spring the students participate in the school skip-a-thon in support of a group of orphans in Malawi. The students are motivated to gather pledges in advance, pray for the orphans by name, as well as work on their skipping skills in gym class, during recess and after school. Then on the day of the event they skip in teams, run races, skip on trampolines and pogo balls, try their skills at double dutch, and much more. The joy and excitement amongst the students is almost palpable and is very directly linked to the help each student is able to give to the children in need. We regularly raise over $3000 for the orphans.

A side benefit to this annual event is the great interest in skipping that the students have developed. In the weeks leading up to the skip-a-thon, students from SK to Grade 8 can be seen during snack time, lunch hour and before and after school, picking up a rope and doing anything from simple skipping to practicing complicated tricks they have learned. Some of the students even work hard to prepare special demonstrations for the parents. Skipping is an activity that is helping to develop creativity and physical skill, is enjoyed by our male and female students alike, and is a great physical work-out.

Outreach to Seniors

St. Timothy's is delighted to share our love for singing with local seniors' groups in the city. Our students sing small concerts for various groups throughout the year, and the reaction is a common one: our audiences expect simple children's songs and are amazed and moved by the beauty and depth of the sacred music that comes form the mouths of our children.