"We feel our children are blessed to have a classical, liberal arts education that many adults have not had."parent

Creating a Unique School in Ottawa

In September 2003, several Ottawa families decided to explore the possibility of opening a Christian elementary school in Ottawa that would follow the classical method of instruction while aiming for excellence in spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural, and physical formation.

A pattern of success had already been established by similar groups of parents in the United States and Canada who had formed small classical schools that grew over several years into full primary schools. These schools often started with a core group of fewer than fifteen students, one teacher, support from families and volunteers, and rented space. In almost all cases these schools grew rapidly and surpassed parents' expectations. 

The school was also inspired by the educational approach of Augustine College, a one-year Christian liberal arts post-secondary school program in Ottawa (see link).

After receiving a very encouraging response from Ottawa's Christian community, this group decided in early spring to begin its first year of operation in September 2004, and the school has been growing ever since.

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