Daily Life at St.Timothy's


School hours 

Our school day runs from 8:30 am to 2:45 pm Monday to Friday for grades 1-8, and Monday-Wednesday-Friday for the SK class.  All students have a morning break for a snack and free play, and an hour-long lunch period.

Grade range

We offer a full program from SK to grade 8.

Daily chapel

Our staff and students begin every day with a short prayer and worship time in the church.  Hymns are sung, prayers are read and scripture is recited as a fitting start to the day.  Parents are always welcome to attend.


All our students wear a simple and appealing uniform.  We believe that maintaining order in their physical appearance allows them to better focus their minds and hearts on what they are learning.  The uniform balances the principles of modesty, smartness, comfort, practicality and affordability.


While we are hoping to one day move into our own building, we are enjoying an excellent relationship with All Saints Lutheran Church from whom we are renting space. We have our own building, including several bright classrooms, a large gym and eating area, the church sanctuary for our morning worship and social school events, and a kitchen. We offer our students a lending library full of quality literature at various reading levels. Our outdoor space has a fenced-in grassy area with play structures and a sandbox for our younger students, while our older students enjoy playing basketball, hockey, soccer and tetherball.