Between Home and School

“I know that my kids are being taught by teachers who love what they are doing, care for each of the children in their classes, pray for their students and want to interact with me as a parent. What more could I ask for?"parent

Our Covenant With Parents

St. Timothy’s recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children. We do not function above parental authority, but rather with delegated authority from the parents. As such, the school attempts to consult with and welcome parents into school discussions and actively seek feedback.  A Community Meeting is held every November with this purpose.  The teachers work hard to send a letter home every week with an update on what has been learned in the classroom, homework information, and specific prayer requests.

Parents are likewise expected to support teachers and those in positions of school authority and reinforce what is being taught in school. We are only able to build on what is offered in the home, therefore families of children at St. Timothy's commit to ground learning at school with daily family prayer and devotions, creative play, developing good work habits, limiting the amount of time using electronic media, encouraging healthy eating and activity, and being active and responsible community members and stewards of financial and material resources.

Parental involvement in the school’s day to day life is highly valued at St. Timothy’s. Not only does volunteering ease the load of our hard-working staff, it allows our parents to be connected to what their children are doing and learning throughout the day. Our parents enjoy helping out with driving for field trips, lunch-time supervision, and even some classroom volunteering (for example, leading reading groups with the younger classes). Some parents also take the initiative to meet once a week and pray for the school.